My Alopecia Story

(This was written during 2018, I will do a updated version soon)

Hey, my name is Krissy. I’m a 14 year old girl surviving alopecia areata which is a hair loss condition, which is the main reason why I have created this blog. This blog is to not only share my story on what life is like with alopecia but it is also a way to inspire & motivate others letting them know that you can accept & love yourself no matter how hard the situation is because there is always a way. I hope this story changes people’s views on life but also that it helps at least one person. 

September 30th 2004, I was born. I was a sick baby & had to get a bloodtransfusion in order to live but thankfully I came out the hospital healthy after being closely monitored. 

I grew up as a young girl interested in creativity such as art which lead me to become involved with fashion designing. I was raised to always try hard in whatever I’m doing & stay confident with a strong heart and mind, having this trait followed me in my life and lead me into the right path. Until everythingchanged… 

Around when I was 11 or 12 In Year 6, the signs of my hair coming out started to show ever since I hit puberty. My family and everyone was confused because my braids weren’t tight, I never used products that weren’t 100% natural or chemicalto my hair, I had it in protective styles so it just didn’t make sense. These signs didn’t affect me as much because other people out there were experiencing worser conditions than I am so I remained carefree, plus I had to focus on getting good grades for SATs so I payed no attention to it. I only started getting upset when my mom was crying. I have a lot of pictures with my natural hair & now it was all gone so she was distraught by it.

I told her “it’s only hair, at least I’m alive“. 

After a few weeks my mom decided to bring me to a dermatologist to find a way to make it grow back because as days passed on it’d come off rapidly & I was about to start secondary school. The dermatologist had checked everything from my scalp to my past medical history and the outcome of all that is that I have alopecia areata ( which means all my hair on my body would be completely gone so including my eyebrows, eyelashes & other areas ). The cause of this is because my body is low on Iron & my immune system is weak due to my Vitamin D deficiency. 

There is no cure apart from 16 steroid injections in the back of my scalp & It was painful but I took the risk anyway because thats what life is about, you don’t know until you try.

Did it work? Yeah sure, for only one hair strand. Then it came off again.



Then I finally started secondary school, you already know how that ended. I got questioned, bullied, indirected or spoked about on social media. Don’t get me wrong there’s some people that loved me for who I am and how strong I was and I’m very blessed to have them support me, but theres always those certain people that don’t choose to try and understand or accept you, instead they wish the worst on you or try to drag you down to the same level as them just to feel better about themselves which is sad. 

My eyebrows were gone so I obviously had to draw them on with an eyebrow pencil every morning for school ( luckily I’m an artist ). One morning I left my house and forgot to do them, My close friend ( who was in the year above me ) said I looked different but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Then when I went on snapchat to look at myself, I saw I forgot to do them and the same time I noticed the bus had came. I ran home & my mom decided to try find a place that would get them micro bladed and trust me when I got it done it hurt but I didn’t cry I just bared through the pain for 2 hours.

It was worth it.

Now I didn’t have the rain smudging them or water thrown in my face, or people trying to rub them off or question me why they look fake or change size. People make it seem like I WANT to look like someone I’m not, its not in my control of how I look now. I can at least change into doing something that would make me feel more comfortable and beneficial for MYSELF. I have no eyelashes but not once have I tried fake eyelashes & the one time I did because I was so used to not having them I took them off in less than an hour. 

Few months later, I eventually got “bait” or “known” and more people grew towards me noticing I’m “inspirational” or was interested in my Art & Fashion Designs, so I took this opportunity to Instagram & grew my page. 

The only problem with having so much people around you or on social media is that its harder to see who’s fake and who’s real. You can’t tell who’s actually there for you because they really care or are they there because you’re finally being noticed?

Due to being uncomfortable in that school I got managed moved in Year 8, which is basically moving to another school for a period of time & if you like it there you can choose to stay. Long story short, I fitted in really well with everyone and I enjoyed it until a “fight” happened over no reason ( I didn’t instigate it ) but I’m not going to go into detail about that here. Due to that fight I felt like the odd one out in my year & most people in my year either looked at me differently or didn’t speak to me. So I just vibed on my own because I don’t mind having my own company, Id mostly read or be playing games on my phone until the bell rang. ( I really want to say if you’re one of the Year 9’s or 10’s that were there for me & kept me company noticing I was mostly on my own I REALLY appreciate you! )

Few weeks later, I just got tired of the school & wasn’t enjoying or thought it was healthy to learn in theenvironment after that experience so I decided to move back to my first school. It was just too draining, waking up at the earliest times having to go through the city and catch 2 buses to a school I didn’t even like anymore, No sis.

I moved back & well everything was good. I came back there with a different mindset & things happened but not that serious to input to this story. Just normal secondary school situations that I now look back on & laugh to how childish it was.

Months later…

I started growing my plans I’ve made from a year ago and moving towards them like: growing on Instagram to send my message, start a business & youtube channel, develop my art & design skills, helping others who struggle etc. I kept pushing, researching & staying motivated which made me even stronger than ever before because I had a goal that I’d do anything to achieve. The bullying & hate stopped because I didn’t care anymore, Im me and I got myself, I WEAR A WIG AND SO WHAT!!! I won’t let negativity control my life. You either fight to win or give in to defeat, and I chose winning.