Hey planetdolls!

During a devastating time like this we are still opened to selling our products for you all to enjoy as many beauty shops that sell lipglosses are currently closed until further notice.

We have a procedure we follow in making sure your packages are clean, safe & amazing for you to receive & we’d appreciate if you could also adapt these steps.

At our homebase where we manufacture & pack our products to send off:

1. We sanitise the tubes or product container.

2. Make the product wearing gloves & in a clean environment away from any distractions or dirty areas: for more evidence of this check our instagram! We wear blue gloves as they do not take up any of the gloss & are oil free whereas white gloves have a lot of fibres that may come off into the product or packaging.

3. After the product is made we then boil hot water & put cleaning alcohol into the mixture, no this will not interfere with the product as all of our products are sealed very tightly (some too tight actually) then we leave for it to soak & get any excess oil, gel etc off.

4. We then wipe down the product & put it in a plastic package or pink drawstring bag (seen on our page) to keep safe & organised in our inventory until we get an order.

This is where you contribute:

1. You make an order, depending on where you are in the world we receive it & package it wearing gloves.

2. We then send it off at royalmail to post it off, keep in mind if you have big orders because of the weight costing a lot more for shipping we may separate the packaging so that it is neater & easier to transport to you without complications, in cases like these royalmail may send the first separated package on monday & you receive it on tuesday but the second package comes on wednesday. As stated in our delivery & shipping category after we have given the package to royalmail we are no longer responsible, if you are worldwide you do not have to worry as we provide a tracking code for all overseas orders. We can only give refunds for if any product is destroyed during the delivery process or if a product is missing (which is highly unlikely as we pay close key attention to each of our planetdolls orders so there is no inconvenience).

3. During a time like this we advise all of our planetdolls to still sanitise or wipe down our packaging as during delivery we are unsure if it has come in contact with anyone during it’s journey!

4. Also, please keep aware of our delivery & shipping dates for your country! Royalmail & other postal services are now starting to put packages either on the ground for you to pick up yourself, through the letterbox, or ringing doorbells to get your attention on the packages arrival, please be aware to not lose the package or get it stolen as that is not our responsibility once it has been posted! + we’d be sad for you not to enjoy our products we handmade with love for you!

5. You can write a review to us on your experience & about the product! Please stay home & stay safe! We are thankful for the support & hope to see you again soon!