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Literally the softest most beautiful glosses! They smell amazing which is a bonus but just go so easily onto my lips I love them! The scrub is great as well it’s so easy to use and smells lush!!

KT Harvey

I’m so happy with the product! It literally took 2 days to come and when ordering from the website it was so straightforward. I would order from this place again once I run out of lipgloss due to the product feeling and smelling amazing on my lips and the fast service.


These lipglosses are amazing and definitely worth the money. They make your lips feel really soft and looks very glossy. The glitter in the glosses are so smooth and you cannot feel it which I love. I ordered three to begin with but ended up purchasing more as I was so impressed by the ones I received. The owner of the company is very nice and it’s always good to support independent business.


The packaging was really nice and I could tell a lot of detail and time was put into it, inside there was a statement of my purchase, a sticker and a little leaflet.The lipgloss itself came in a cute pink tie bag, I loved it! The lipgloss colour and scent was just as described and looks amazing on the lips, not to mention how moisturised and soft my lips felt too!


Firstly, I really loved the packaging the pink theme was really cute! The lip gloss made my lips feel moisturised and also looked glossy and juicy! You’re a very inspiring person with your business and I really can’t wait to make another purchase from your store!


Honestly best products hands down I highly recommend to anyone.


I love them so much and I can tell so much time and effort was taken to produce such a wonderful product and very inexpensive and have recommended to all my friends and family can’t wait to order more x


I purchased a necklace from planetalocosmetics and was extremely pleased with the arrival time and was surprised to see my purchase with a sweet, discount code and sticker. I had nothing but a smooth experience and will be shopping here again.


i got my products this morning and i’m in love! the gloss is the perfect consistency and the branding is soo beautiful, i just love the whole aesthetic of it! definitely recommend <3